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Sam4s ER-945 Cash Register

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The Sam4S ER-945 cash register features a raised keyboard and twin station (receipt and journal) thermal printer and is ideal for busy retail or hospitality venues.

Another useful feature includes scanning and check tracking to overlapping cashiers.


The traditional raised key keyboard provides 56 keyboard PLU keys. Keyboard PLU’s act like traditional departments for open priced entries or can be set as preset price keys. Large key size provides easy-to-read key labels.

Dimensions: 289W x 290H x 440D (mm)  Weight- 13.1Kg

Key Points:

  • • Up to 10,000 PLUs that can be accessed directly through individual keyboard PLU keys or indirectly through the PLU Look-Up key.
  • • Up to 99 Group Totals.
  • • Up to 50 Clerks/Cashiers.
  • • Mix & Match (Promotions).
  • • Quick Help Function in ‘REG’ Mode.
  • • Graphic Bitmap Logo with 20 Pre-Loaded.
  • • Condensed Journal.
  • • Automatic Tax Computation for up to 4 Rates or Tables.
  • • 10 Media Keys: Cash, Check and up to 8 Charge Keys.
  • • Compulsory Cash Declaration.
  • • Add Check Function.
  • • Not Found PLU - with Easy Creation.
  • • 10 One-Touch Macro Keys.
  • • Training Mode.
  • • Cancel Sale Function.
  • • Keylock Controlled Transaction Void.
  • • Clerk Name Display.
  • • Price Inclusive Barcodes.
  • • Post Tendering.
  • • 4 Automatic Currency Conversion Keys.
Management Reports:
  • • Complete Financial Report.
  • • Individual Clerk/Cashier Report.
  • • Hourly Sales Analysis.
  • • Reporting for up to 50 Clerks/Cashiers.
  • • PLU By Price Level Reporting.
  • • Period-To-Date Financial, Hourly, Cashier, Group and PLU Reports.
  • • Sales by Day Report for 31 Dayss
  • Open Check Report

The easy-to-read, blue backlight, two-line by 16-character LCD operator screen identifies each item as it is entered.

Secure SD Port

SD Card Utilities include program Save/Load, report capture, firmware updates and graphics uploading.

Table Management & Overlapping Cashiers

Allows simultaneous Table Management and Overlapping Cashiers, enabling cashiers to open tables and other cashiers to interrupt to enter another transaction.

Bar Code Scanning

Enjoy the advantages of scanning – price control, item movement reporting and labour savings.

PC Utility

Standard RS-232C Communication

Connect to a wide array of compatible off-the-shelf POS peripherals. Two RS-232C communication ports are standard and two additional ports are available for:

• Direct or Modem PC Communications with Optional Polling Software.

• Kitchen Printer.

• Scanner.

• Pole Display.

Electronic Journal

If a receipt and a sales journal is needed, the journal can be archived electronically for printing at end of day, can be collected on an SD card, or can be polled and collected by a PC.

A variety of electronic journal reports are available that allow you to quickly audit selected activities.

Samstock 4.9 PC Software (Optional)

Samstock tracks sales quantities and values for each product sold providing detailed, comprehensive reports on sales and profit. Historical sales reports are available by date range and comparative periods.

Historical sales reports are available by date range and comparative periods. Samstock can also control maintenance of product files including prices & promos.