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Price Guns

Pricing Guns and Price Gun Labels

Pricing guns can be used in a range of different working environments including convenience stores, automotive and manufacturing sectors among many others.

There are many different types of pricing guns with some that can print 1, 2 or 3 lines of text while others will print a date, rather than the price, or a range of alphanumeric and/or numeric characters.

Price gun labels vary in size with the 2 most common sizes being 26mm x 12mm (CT 4) and 26mm x 16mm (CT 7). Other price gun label sizes include 21mm x 12mm (CT 1) and 23mm x 16mm (PB 220). There are also other sizes for price gun makes such as SATO, Nor, Puma, Lynx and Motex.

Motex Pricing Gun    Meto Pricing Gun     Motex Price Gun

Follow the links below to be taken to our range of pricing guns and price gun labels:

Pricing Guns:

Price Guns - 1 Line

Price Guns - 2 Line

Price Gun Labels:

Pricing Gun Labels - 1 Line

Pricing Gun Labels - 2 Line

Price Gun Ink Rollers:

Price Gun Ink Rollers

Pricing Guns - Retail Use

We sell a wide range of pricing guns for use in the retail sector and our most popular seller is the Motex 2612 pricing gun. There are two versions of this pricing gun; one which prints 6 digits allowing for pricing up to £99.99 or the 9 digit version that allows pricing up to £99999.99 which can also print date codes if needed.

We have a lot of extensive reviews for this product highlighting its ease of use, character range and print quality. These pricing guns are also available as part of a starter pack which include the pricing gun, 10 rolls of labels, instructions and a replacement ink roller. With the starter pack you can also choose which colour and adhesive you would the labels to come with.

Motex Price Gun Starter Packs

To view our range of Motex pricing guns please use the following links:

Motex 2612 Pricing Gun (6 Digit Version)

Motex 2612 Pricing Gun Starter Pack (6 Digit Version)

Motex 2612 Pricing Gun (9 Digit Version)

Motex 2612 Pricing Gun Starter Pack (9 Digit Version)

Motex 2612 /6 Price Gun LabelMotex 2612 /9 Price Gun Label

Pricing Guns - Industry Use

As well as providing price guns for the retail sector we also stock a huge range of price guns for the industrial sector and this can range from bakeries to automotive, pharmaceutical to agricultural and all sorts of other manufacturers. We stock pricing guns that can print either 1, 2 or 3 lines of text on a label while some have 'super bold' digits allowing them to be read more easily.

Lynx Pricing Gun Puma Pricing Gun

These types of pricing guns are able to do many different tasks such as pricing, date coding, batch numbering and lettering. The date coding labellers can produce dates in such forms displayed as '08 05 11', '08.05.11' or '08 MAY 2011'. The lettering labellers, also known as alphanumeric labellers, have a combination of letters and numbers on them allowing a user to display all sorts of different information on them.

The labels for these pricing guns are available with 3 different types of adhesive; Peelable, Permanent or Freezer. The Freezer labels work down to a temperature of -30° degrees while the Permanent labels are stronger than Peelable and are harder to remove without leaving a mark.

CT4 Label Pre-Printed "BEST BEFORE".
CT4 Label Pre-Printed "BATCH NO".

To view the different types of pricing guns for the industrial and manufacturing sector please choose from the following links below:

Motex Date Coder

Puma PJ-16 Pricing Gun (2 Line)

Lynx 1 Line Alphanumeric Pricing Gun

Price Gun Labels

As mentioned at the start of this page we do a range of different sizes of price gun labels and below are a few examples of these:

Best Before Pre-Printed Label                  Reduced Pre-Printed Label

Our Price Pre-Printed Label                  Use By Pre-Printed Label